Friday, 30 October 2009

I believe, I can fly....not!

OK! I should have had a much more meaningful title to this blog but for now this will do.

Its been half-term for the children this past week, and guess what I have been down with the flu'. How can anyone be down with the flu?
and why is it called the flu!
I didn't feel very much like flying, while I had the flu! and before you say anything I know the 'flu' is different from 'flew'! as in flying, but I deserve a little rant! especially since I was not allowed to fly properly...sorry!..ok puns excluded! I meant I wasn't allowed to be ill, cos I had to be "strong mummy" for the children....

Just when I was getting ready to sneeze, I'd hear ...Mum!!!! can I have some juice? to which I'd reply.....aa...choo ! yessshh you can! (flu speak) :-)

I wasn't even allowed to enjoy the high fever that comes with the flu! the time you get under the covers, shivering! before you break out in a cold sweat! great :-), all because I had to get up and make dinner! but the best part was when daddy got home and then I finally got to 'fly' properly and be waited on hand, foot and "nose"......mmmmm

sorry for moaning :-(

This first image represents chaos! too much to do, tidy...cook..put away.....but too tired to do it!

this represents peace, calmness and beauty! ahhhh! clean tidy just the place to relax!

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