Saturday, 29 September 2012

Its been 6 months since I blogged on here... and yes it is 'a blog about my life as it happens' but sometimes life happens and there is no time to take notes........... :-(

There are so many memories I would have liked to take note of, especially in pictures but I haven't... why is that I wonder...its not for want of trying...


I'll do it tomorrow...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

I'm back!

Its been a long while now since I've blogged here. :(
I was all set to blog every day when I started, ok maybe every "other" day... um scratch that... ok every week??? mmmmh as much as I can... yes that sounds more like it...ok...where was I? I'm back!

What has been happening you might say,  ....I've been shopping heehee! (Just like Tammy in the flower shop below)....and secretly building my collection!

I have tried to cut down on my re-ment collection as I was getting a tad bit obsessive in my quest to get complete sets of everything!!! (still trying to find all the kitchen sets )  but a certain auction site soon put me straight.. ha ha when I got outbid quite a number of times.. so I'm on a re-ment hold for now :

I have been doing a bit of rearranging and making some furnishings too. I have recently discovered the art of crafting and so I have been creating mini pieces of artwork which I will photograph and put up soon... I hope

(Topper Dawn Dale Re-rooted by me :)

I found this Dol-toi tea set at a junk shop and it is simply adorable!

Been busy with the fimo too, I made the treats in the blue and white dishes! and the pizza on the chopping board too