Monday, 19 October 2009

Lights! Camera! ....Lovely day!

All the lights are on!... in the Mayfair mansion!

Kind of describes how I feel today.......ALL LIT UP!!!! :-)

At 9.15, the school run was just over and I was in the car, thinking about my day ahead! and I was pretty excited about a new project I had been working on. I have been doing some research on starting a new venture and this morning while I was driving I had the most amazing insight on resolving a problem I had been tackling :-)

suddenly it was lights! camera! eureka! I got it! I was very psyched ;-)

Was it, the crisp cold wind, or the signs of autumn all around, that made everything so much clearer!

I was energised! and I couldn't wait to get back to my laptop and start typing away....
There were things to be done!

Open the door...put on the lights.... begin :-)


  1. Your beautiful dollhouse looks so luminosity!
    I love it!Minihugs from Spain,Sonia

  2. Thank you Swala Nyeti,
    I'll try ;-)

    Thank you Sonia! glad you like it ;-)