Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I confess..............guilty as charged!!

I have an addiction and here's the proof:-

re-ment craze

Earlier on in a previous blog, I confessed to collecting re-ment from Japan, I have a dolls house basement full of re-ment as you can see...heehee and re-ment in boxes and on display in the dolls house.

These are 2 of the display shelves in the basement :)

These are some re-ment that have been opened and some still in the plastic packs includes sets from so many collections!

emmm! these are some boxed re=ment and all my reac chairs.
So far in the past couple of weeks I went crazy after I got my first 'le corbusier ' sofa and went on a "miniature designer chair shopping spree" well I can't afford the real size version yet!! :-)

I have a miniature wish list of about 2 pages long and I am slowly working my way down it. My Christmas list should have re-ment or miniatures on it but I want a wii for Christmas :-)

I recently watched a documentary about insuring your valuables and I realised that I didn't have a proper inventory of my miniatures! wouldn't it be absolutely dreadful if anything happened to them and I couldn't account for what I had. Especially the tiny little bits of re-ment that came in little sets!

So these pictures are the beginning of my attempt at documenting my stuff! here goes......

Thursday, 12 November 2009

perfect hiding place

I had seen a lovely cake decoration in a shop window as I was passing by, and I was tempted to buy it, but as I wasn't going to be baking anything, anytime soon.... I just walked on.
A couple of hours later I was trying to set up a dressing room scene in the top left room of my dolls house when I found the perfect spot for a lovely ornament :-)
I smiled to myself as I remembered the cake decoration, and I searched my bag for it. Surely I bought it didn't I? .......hmmm I played the earlier scene in my head and remembered admiring the cake decoration... and...of-course...silly me! I walked past the shop I never even went in to buy it! but in my head I had imagined going in... tut tut! does this happen to anyone else?
I start arranging a shelf and decide to use a piece of re-ment or miniature, which I have been saving, and I know exactly where it is...she says, I go to where its supposed to be, but its grown legs and walked! or maybe I'm being forgetful!
this explains why last night I was half way out the door when I remembered the car keys, I didn't need anyone to remind me I had left them in the kitchen..so off I went to the kitchen, it wasn't there, it took about 30 seconds for me to realise it was in the dolls house kitchen tsk tsk what is happening :)