Wednesday, 21 October 2009

an uncaptured memory

A bit of a cold and wet day today! but I had a great but funny day!

Got to watch my boys in a school harvest cute! their little animated faces in the midst of the other little faces! as they concentrated on getting the words right, doing the actions and all the while smiling...who says kids can't multitask!

The whole school took part as each class got up to sing or act! excited parents had cameras clicking away! I had been prepared to join the "camera-click" gang! I made sure I had packed my old trusty Fuji camera! as any proud parent would.

As the time got nearer ... I got more excited, weeeee! any minute now their little heads would be bopping to the sound of music! quickly my hand was in my bag,

out popped the camera case.... quickly unzipped,

camera up in position!

focus! click!...whaaaaaaaat!

I forgot to put the flash on!

I had missed the moment! everyone was clapping, the children were sitting down! oh no! the picture was dark! I could hardly see anything! ooops!

now I would normally be upset, but I smiled :) yes it was a special moment and yes I missed capturing it on camera but a part of me was I glad I was there to see it! because if I had missed it! the picture would not have been able to capture the true spirit of the moment, the pride I felt! the almost unshed tear! and the look in their eyes as they spotted the mad waving woman at the back of the hall......go boys! go boys! ....its Mummy!


  1. What funny History!I have two boys too and all the mummys felts like you sometimes.....
    But that moments are the salt of the life.Sonia

  2. Thank you Sonia,
    You are right, they are very special moments :-)