Friday, 30 October 2009

I believe, I can fly....not!

OK! I should have had a much more meaningful title to this blog but for now this will do.

Its been half-term for the children this past week, and guess what I have been down with the flu'. How can anyone be down with the flu?
and why is it called the flu!
I didn't feel very much like flying, while I had the flu! and before you say anything I know the 'flu' is different from 'flew'! as in flying, but I deserve a little rant! especially since I was not allowed to fly properly...sorry!..ok puns excluded! I meant I wasn't allowed to be ill, cos I had to be "strong mummy" for the children....

Just when I was getting ready to sneeze, I'd hear ...Mum!!!! can I have some juice? to which I'd reply.....aa...choo ! yessshh you can! (flu speak) :-)

I wasn't even allowed to enjoy the high fever that comes with the flu! the time you get under the covers, shivering! before you break out in a cold sweat! great :-), all because I had to get up and make dinner! but the best part was when daddy got home and then I finally got to 'fly' properly and be waited on hand, foot and "nose"......mmmmm

sorry for moaning :-(

This first image represents chaos! too much to do, tidy...cook..put away.....but too tired to do it!

this represents peace, calmness and beauty! ahhhh! clean tidy just the place to relax!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

an uncaptured memory

A bit of a cold and wet day today! but I had a great but funny day!

Got to watch my boys in a school harvest cute! their little animated faces in the midst of the other little faces! as they concentrated on getting the words right, doing the actions and all the while smiling...who says kids can't multitask!

The whole school took part as each class got up to sing or act! excited parents had cameras clicking away! I had been prepared to join the "camera-click" gang! I made sure I had packed my old trusty Fuji camera! as any proud parent would.

As the time got nearer ... I got more excited, weeeee! any minute now their little heads would be bopping to the sound of music! quickly my hand was in my bag,

out popped the camera case.... quickly unzipped,

camera up in position!

focus! click!...whaaaaaaaat!

I forgot to put the flash on!

I had missed the moment! everyone was clapping, the children were sitting down! oh no! the picture was dark! I could hardly see anything! ooops!

now I would normally be upset, but I smiled :) yes it was a special moment and yes I missed capturing it on camera but a part of me was I glad I was there to see it! because if I had missed it! the picture would not have been able to capture the true spirit of the moment, the pride I felt! the almost unshed tear! and the look in their eyes as they spotted the mad waving woman at the back of the hall......go boys! go boys! ....its Mummy!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Lights! Camera! ....Lovely day!

All the lights are on!... in the Mayfair mansion!

Kind of describes how I feel today.......ALL LIT UP!!!! :-)

At 9.15, the school run was just over and I was in the car, thinking about my day ahead! and I was pretty excited about a new project I had been working on. I have been doing some research on starting a new venture and this morning while I was driving I had the most amazing insight on resolving a problem I had been tackling :-)

suddenly it was lights! camera! eureka! I got it! I was very psyched ;-)

Was it, the crisp cold wind, or the signs of autumn all around, that made everything so much clearer!

I was energised! and I couldn't wait to get back to my laptop and start typing away....
There were things to be done!

Open the door...put on the lights.... begin :-)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Yeah!...I'm organised!

How awesome is this!

I have become organised!
Ok, it might sound a bit cliched but, I have been looking for a way to organise my growing collection of re-ment! oops did I forget to mention it, yes I collect re-ment :)

Its from Japan, and is amazing, they create exact replicas in miniature of everything, I mean everything...... from vacuum cleaners and microwaves to ...Starbucks coffee, spaghetti and meatballs, how cool is that!

If you haven't guessed by now I am addicted but that is a story for my other blog.

I found this amazing storage box thing on auction, it is probably for tools and bits but its perfect to keep all my lovely re-ment. I even have little cards to tell me whats in each compartment! swell.

When it arrived today, it was so satisfying arranging the bits in the different compartments. When I finished I thought! wow!
All I need is another 10 of these box set case thingies and I'm good.

The storage box set thingy! with 28 little compartments! cool

my new labelling system, have done only 5 but Yeah!

all the re-ment, arranged according to type, I am so pleased...........