Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My day today!

Its Wednesday, and its been raining most of the day! after a long summer holiday, all systems were go this morning as I rushed to get the kids to school for their first day back, believe me 30 minutes before you are about to leave the house is not the time to find out that your son has grown yet again! his trousers were a couple of metres off the floor OK maybe not that much :) what I mean is they were too short! and there I was, the "very able mum" (I wish) searching through the new sets I had got, to find one that fit. He is 5 and this morning he went to school in size 7-8 trousers! yeah :(

School shoes! mmm! don't get me started! we went shopping 2 days ago as I wanted to wait to the last minute just in case they decided to grow some more and yes just as I expected! they had! so they had all gone up a size! and with a lighter wallet, we marched off home, and I only went out for shoes but came home with some bags that just seemed to attach themselves to me! I didn't buy that!? surely I don't need any more bleach! this was "school shopping" trip but I can't seem to help myself, when I am in a shop I suddenly go through my "mental household list" of all that's needed,

"mum, can I have trainers instead"? yes dear ....while I am thinking "I must pick-up some plasters and tissue!" tut tut!

I was so excited when I got home today as the postman had left a note for me, I had 3 parcels to pick up from the post office and I hoped, a re-ment parcel I was waiting for was among them. As soon as I got back into the car I ripped a corner of the parcel just to be sure! lol! all the way home I had mentally unwrapped the parcel and ... anyway! I got home and opened it properly and this is what was inside
This is pharmacy drug/ medicine store set from re-ment! I am a re-ment addict! I confess! I collect re-ment!
who wouldn't fall in love with this "itty bitty" spray bottle! the attention to detail is amazing! well! considering I haven't taken it out of the plastic :-)

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