Saturday, 29 August 2009


I have a passion for collecting, my mum says its hoarding :)

When I find something I like I spend time researching it, and I always want to know everything about it. I have had my fair share of "dodgy buys" due to lack of knowledge, but its been worth it to be able to now know what I am looking for. In my other blog, I share my favourite miniatures, from dolls, houses, re-ment, furniture and so much more. Here I talk about me haha! like that would be interesting!
I have such varied taste so I have made up my collection in my own eclectic way. I started by collecting dolls.

This was the very first pippa doll I bought, she came with 2 other dolls and her hair was terrible! She was completely rerooted by "Daxidan" and is now a beautiful princess!

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