Wednesday, 23 September 2009!

Pictures taken with a G1 phone straight off the tv :)

The car in the studio

the speed James May did

James May in the Bugatti

Great spoiler!

I get a thrill, when I watch a fast car racing down a long straight road, its tyres widely spaced, sitting firmly on the road with such grip, it would be impossible to separate it from the road. I imagine myself behind the wheels holding on, my heart beating slowly, totally relaxed, myself as an extension of the car, with the wind flowing over the car, my son says its aerodynamics :)

Today I watched a 2006 rerun of Top gear on Dave. James May also known as Captain Slow:) was driving a Bugatti Veyron, He did 407 km per hour, it was breathtaking, there were tears in his eyes as he slowed the car down, when he drove the car around the track to prepare it for the race down the straits, I was reminded of the feeling I get when I am driving a Mercedes SL 500 around the test track with the curved banking on Gran Turismo 5 on PlayStation! its something I would love to do in real day

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