Saturday, 20 March 2010

a well stocked shelf - aaaaah!

the pleasure of miniaturing :-)

Its the weekend! I really should be partying...or something! at least thats what the magazines tell me! humph, I probably wouldn't recognize a "party" if it jumped up and bit me lol! well my weekends are when I look forward to "playing with my miniatures" that's what my son calls it.

For mothers day he made me a card and drew a picture of me watching a property show :-) I love watching them as I get inspirations for my mini scenes in my houses, and inside he said my favourite things where ebay and dolls houses! ouch I see where my budgets been going lol!

The weekends are for miniaturing! and there aren't enough hours for it! Its 11.28pm and I still haven't been able to finish all I planned to do today! but at least I found a local model shop where I bought some metal tubes that are quite easy to bend so I will be making stuff out of them soon.

It is spring so maybe a little "doll-house-spring cleaning" maybe :-)

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